Dhanuka Agritech Ltd has introduced a new herbicide ‘Tizom’ that will help farmers in controlling weeds in sugarcane crop. A statement said this will enhance farm profitability from sugarcane cultivation.

‘Tizom’ has been introduced in collaboration with Nissan Chemical Corporation, Japan. Two key active ingredients of ‘Tizom’ — Halosulfuron Methyl 6 per cent and Metribuzin 50 per cent WG — provide an effective solution for controlling a wide range of weeds, including narrow leaf weeds, broadleaf weeds and Cyperus rotundus. The company has introduced ‘Tizom’ for Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu farmers, and will soon tap other States too, it said.

Quoting Rahul Dhanuka, Joint Managing Director of Dhanuka Agritech Ltd, the statement said: “Tizom will further strengthen our robust sugarcane portfolio and will be extremely helpful to sugarcane farmers. The introduction of Tizom is also a testament of our continuous endeavor to offer the best solutions to farmers and help enhance their income.”

“We have aggressive growth plans in the current financial year and we plan to introduce a slew of products lined up during the remainder of the current fiscal year,” he said.

Eliminating weeds

One of the major advantages of ‘Tizom’ is that it targets and eliminates weeds while leaving sugarcane crops unharmed. ‘Tizom’ offers prolonged weed control, allowing farmers to enjoy a weed-free environment for an extended duration, it said.

Manoj Varshney, National Marketing Head of Dhanuka Agritech Ltd, said the selectiveness is crucial for protecting the sugarcane plants from weeds and ensuring optimal growth and yield. “Such a unique offering is the need of the Indian farmers and we at Dhanuka are determined to provide noble solutions to farmers,” he said.

Amit Mishra, Senior Portfolio Manager for Herbicides at Dhanuka, said ‘Tizom’ would eliminate a major obstacle for Indian sugarcane farmers, and may simplify crop management and enhance productivity.

On the part of Nissan Chemical Corporation, RK Yadav, Managing Director of Nissan Agro Tech India Pvt Ltd, and Yasuhiko Teraoka, International Business Head at Nissan Chemical Corporation, reiterated their commitment to providing quality products to support Indian farmers in the future as well.

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